S.T.E.P Review

I know that I may be an old fuddy duddy, and that’s ok, I can accept that. The one thing that kills me, and drives me crazy is, the lack and or absence of these words, SORRY, THANK YOU, EXCUSE ME, and PLEASE. I call this S.T.E.P, easy to remember, right?Where are these words? Did someone hide them? Maybe they’re on vacation because they feel neglected, and nobody wants them. Ha, vacation, I crack myself up. The sad fact is, that’s what it feels like, poof, they’ve disappeared .

I’ve posted something like this before, but I feel it’s necessary to do it again. We adults should be leading by example, myself included. They’re so simple to use, and understand, but why aren’t we using them? Does it hurt when we say them? I’m telling you, I think it does for some. He or she may say excuse me, but it looks like they’re getting a tooth pulled. F.Y. I, these words won’t bite.

Please, S.T.E.P it up. It may sound corny, but it’s needed by everyone, especially our youth. So let’s bring manners back, as a starter. I know this isn’t my best post, but it’s one of my biggest concerns. Having an attitude of not being thankful, or lack of respect, etc, concern me as well. That’s another post, down the road. THANK YOU!!!! See, that didn’t hurt a bit…

Freeze Tag: Parkinson’s Version

Remember playing freeze tag as a kid? You’d tag your buddy, then he’d freeze, until he got tagged. You know how it went, the fun version.

The Parkinson’s version, not fun at all. Instead of playing with your friends, you’re fighting against your own mind, and body. There are no rules and regulations. It’ll start without warning, and it doesn’t play fair. So here’s an example of this not so cool game!!!!

Imagine, you’re in your house, doing the daily routine, and you sit down to relax. As soon as you sit down, it hits you like a ton of bricks, bam, you’ve gotta go to the bathroom. No problem right? So you stand up, take a step forward, and your brain says to stop, and the body wants to keep go going. This is when it gets frustrating!!!! You’re just standing there, helpless, stuck, waiting for your mind and body to stop fighting. Oh, and don’t forget you have to go to the bathroom!!!!! This is one scenario, but there are so many more. Losing control of your own body is extremely difficult, and emotionally draining.

This is one of the toughest challenges while battling P.D

A Falling Thought

Well, I fell again today. Nothing terrible, but a fall nonetheless. It was one of my least painful, thankfully!!!!!

On my way down, (bouncing off the couch), I was thinking (now on the floor) something is not right. Hmmm?? I’m either gaining weight, or the floor is catching me much quicker. Lol!! I’ll take the floor is catching me quicker for 1000 Alex… Whew!!!