Don’t Judge A Book….

Sometimes I think that some people don’t really understand how Parkinson’s really affects your body, and emotions. Now it’s not all people, but those who assume all you do is shake. I’m not being negative, I just want to let some know, there is so much we do to fight through the day. PWP understand what I mean. Strong, determined, and unique we are. Stay as positive as you can, and vent when needed!!!! Laugh when you can, my favorite weapon against Parky&Fibro!!!

Memorable Dr Visit

This really happened to me. Had a doctors appt with my pain management specialist the other day, for my Fibro, and neurostimulator check up. All went well until I had to use the bathroom.

The nurse wheeled me in with the wheelchair, and she shut the door. After washing my hands, I couldn’t figure out how I was going to open the door? Well, you know that “pull this string if you need help sign?”  Yah, I pulled it!!! Didn’t realize the AMBULANCE SIREN was going to go off. Then, every nurse in the office busted in!!!!

Sorry, I just needed the door open. To make things worse, the toilet was clogged, not my fault!!!! Whew, what a visit… Lol

Divorce My Ailments

I hate divorce, I mean I can’t stand it!!! Until there was this marriage between two diseases that should have never met. You ever felt like that third wheel on a date? That was me with these two, Parky and Fibro!! I surely would have never introduced them to each other. Especially using my body as their hang out.

They seemed so happy together, marriage was inevitable, and quick. The only problem was, THEY COULD HAVE ASK ME FIRST. I would have happily declined, but no, it happened anyway. Now that the cute couple have settled in, they won’t leave!!! Lol!!! I’m trying to evict them, but they just won’t budge.

My next step, divorce!! Anybody know a great Ailment divorce lawyer? If it were only that easy. I figure my trust in God, laughter, and family, I’m going to be fine. Humor is great medicine. I’m not letting these two get the last laugh. 

I hope they wait on having kids!! Lol


I’m Still Here!!!!


This is a short post to say, I’m still here, and trying to blog again. It’s hard to do, because fighting this Parky and Fibromyalgia are taxing on my body. I’m not getting to my blog as much as I need to. I can’t believe done it this long. I’m kinda proud of myself, kinda!!! Lol

To those who have had any contact with my blog, thank you!! I pray your blogs are continuing their success, and it continues to grow. You guys are great, and amazing people. 

Well, I’m going to attempt to reboot my blog, hopefully. 


Funny Day!!!!!

Yesterday, we took my kiddos sledding to burn off energy, and enjoy the white stuff before it melts. We were there for hours, but it was so worth it. Of course, I couldn’t participate, so I keep the truck running for thaw out breaks.

Now as I watched people sledding, I couldn’t help but to notice what was being used for that big hill. I saw inner tubes, snowboards, sleds, old school blade sleds, and even cardboard!!!! That was all well and good, but the top three were to good not to tell you!!

In 3rd place, a plastic table top. In 2nd place, a pink laundry basket. In 1st place, the hands down winner was, a DIRECT TV SATELLITE DISH!!! Really??? I had to laugh, that just made my day…..

Oh Yeah?

Funny story, (but not really)!!!! I was suppose to see my neurologist yesterday, but he called in sick. Did I mention that they failed to call me? I only found out because I called to verify my appointment, due to the inclement weather. Their response, “oh, he called in sick.” I was like, oh yeah?? Here’s the kicker, you’ll love this part. The nurse said his next available was in JULY!!! July?? Are you serious???

So now I’m off to find another neurologist, who may understand my situation a tad more than this one. Wow!!!!

Journey On Paper?

Happy New Year!!!! Last year was a trying year, but I’m not going to dwell on it.  This past December I hit the year mark for my blog, it was a exciting occasion for me. I had actually stuck with something, and didn’t bail. This journey for me has had highs and lows, smiles and tears. I’m a very positive, cast your cares kind of guy. I love to laugh, and I truly love making others laugh!!! It feels good inside to make others laugh, because it eases the pain in my body. At least it seems like it does.

Battling Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, swollen feet, chronic foot pain, arthritis, etc, has been and is taxing on my body. I thank The Lord that He helps me to fight, everyday. Without Him, and my family, I would have just quit. Even now as I’m typing this post, I hurt from head to toe. Sometimes I wonder, is there something else wrong? Did the neurologist misdiagnose me? Why so many ailments at one time? Why at 37 did my health start to plummet?  It seems that I seem to lose more of my independence as time goes on. I’m 42, and I never imagined my life like this.  My plans in life weren’t like this, and I try not to focus on it to much. Sometimes I just cry, but not for me, but for my family. They are all precious to me, and I want to be here for them. I want to see graduations, weddings, grands, and all those memorable events. How wonderful would that be?

I know that I I’m not promised tomorrow, so I must try to make everyday count. I fear dementia, losing memories would be unfathomable, so I must embrace my now time, and fight these diseases for my future time, Lord willing. I know my life isn’t over, my fight just has to go on. I have to show my kids and wife, how much I love them.

I believe God has a plan for me, and my health is my testimony. There are people out there that need to know, they can fight. Parkinson’s is a bully, so bring the fight to him. Always encourage someone, make them laugh, listen to them when they need to vent. I refuse to be beaten, and bullied. No matter my pain, my disability, my struggles, I’m blessed. Yes I’m human, and I have a daily battle ahead, but I’m encouraged. I just pray that my strength continues on, along with my love to laugh!!!! I was more open, and serious in this post, but I needed to write today.

I was told to write a book on my journey, but not sure how to start it, or if anybody would even read it. But if it would encourage just one person, I would do it. I can’t decide. 

I’m asking for help today, not for money, but for insight, and or advice. If you’ve read my blog, please comment on this post about me potentially writing a book. It would mean the world to me. If you’ve written one, input would also be greatly welcomed.

Thank you,