Tee Off

Funny memories, are the greatest!! Especially when they impact your life. For instance, the reason that I wear glasses, is one of them. In my grade school days, my friends and I would play all day, outside, just having fun. One day, being extremely bored, one of them said, “Let’s catch a golf ball. I’ll tee it off, and you guys catch it!!!!” So like the geniuses that we were, we lined up, so pumped up to see who’d catch a TINY, NON FORGIVEN, HARD, white ball!!!! Can you say, WINNERS!!! Pow, pow, miss, miss. I guess the whizzing sound didn’t clue us in that this may hurt. Well, guess who caught it? Yup, this guy!!! I caught it right above my eye, yes, I won!!! So as I’m laying on the ground, seeing stars, bleeding all over my yellow windbreaker, waiting for my dad to get me, I’m like , nice move. Ten stitches later, and my vision slightly off kilter, I was awarded a pair of sweet 1978, military kid glasses. Ahhh, memories!!!! Thank The Lord, it didn’t hit my temple.

Compassionately Challanged

You know, there are some people who can be just down right mean. A nicer wording, compassionately challenged!!!!

Case and point, due to my PD my bladder seems to have shrunk, meaning that when it hits, I better go!!!! So the other day I was running errands and it hit me, I better hurry up, before I have an accident. I’m driving around frantically looking for a bathroom. Finally, I see a 7/11, whew, thank you Lord.

I get out my truck, grab my walker, and gingerly, walk to the front door. Then a lady walks in front of me, and I was thinking that I’m in the clear, she’s gonna hold the door. Not so much!!! Not only did she close the door in my face, she watched me struggling to get!! Speechless I was, then she walked by me when she left. Wow, really lady?

To add insult to injury, there were no public restrooms. Nice!!!!! 

Don’t Judge A Book….

Sometimes I think that some people don’t really understand how Parkinson’s really affects your body, and emotions. Now it’s not all people, but those who assume all you do is shake. I’m not being negative, I just want to let some know, there is so much we do to fight through the day. PWP understand what I mean. Strong, determined, and unique we are. Stay as positive as you can, and vent when needed!!!! Laugh when you can, my favorite weapon against Parky&Fibro!!!

Memorable Dr Visit

This really happened to me. Had a doctors appt with my pain management specialist the other day, for my Fibro, and neurostimulator check up. All went well until I had to use the bathroom.

The nurse wheeled me in with the wheelchair, and she shut the door. After washing my hands, I couldn’t figure out how I was going to open the door? Well, you know that “pull this string if you need help sign?”  Yah, I pulled it!!! Didn’t realize the AMBULANCE SIREN was going to go off. Then, every nurse in the office busted in!!!!

Sorry, I just needed the door open. To make things worse, the toilet was clogged, not my fault!!!! Whew, what a visit… Lol

Divorce My Ailments

I hate divorce, I mean I can’t stand it!!! Until there was this marriage between two diseases that should have never met. You ever felt like that third wheel on a date? That was me with these two, Parky and Fibro!! I surely would have never introduced them to each other. Especially using my body as their hang out.

They seemed so happy together, marriage was inevitable, and quick. The only problem was, THEY COULD HAVE ASK ME FIRST. I would have happily declined, but no, it happened anyway. Now that the cute couple have settled in, they won’t leave!!! Lol!!! I’m trying to evict them, but they just won’t budge.

My next step, divorce!! Anybody know a great Ailment divorce lawyer? If it were only that easy. I figure my trust in God, laughter, and family, I’m going to be fine. Humor is great medicine. I’m not letting these two get the last laugh. 

I hope they wait on having kids!! Lol